Market day

Ross and I love a good Sunday morning market. Bangalow, a small town just south of Byron bay, has a great one.

If you’re ever travelling the east coast of Australia, then you’ll want to try and catch these markets.
We usually go just for the food but often end up spending hours perusing the stalls.

Lately we haven’t been able to do this because taking 7 month old twins and a toddler to a market is, well, near impossible.

This morning however, we just had Floydy, so we packed up the new Ford Everest and headed south ..

I’m feeling a little sad about the end of our 6 week test drive in this amazing car, it’s packed with so many incredible safety features including emergency assist. Something very important to a mum of 3. If we were to ever have a crash in this ‘beast’ it automatically calls 000 for us as soon as any air bag is deployed..Amazing.
Here are a few pics of our day. Floydy loved the food as much as we did and as always hit his dad up for piggyback rides past all the stalls..

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Dwarfism Awareness Gala 2015

What a fabulous night shared with so many gorgeous people… A big thank you to all our sponsors and to the Dwarfism Community that came along.

There was no prejudice, no difference, just us all hanging out having a beautiful night. Journee summed it up perfectly. “#dwarfismawarenessaustraliagala2015 – being in a room where the attention was on us for ALL the GOOD reasons made my heart burst”

Please copy your picture, repost and tag your friends with the hashtag #dwarfismawarenessaustraliagala2015 .
It was such an amazing night and i can’t wait to do it all again next year.. We had 170 guests including some beautiful LP’s. My favourite moment of the night was when all of my friends were dancing up a storm with our new friends and there wasn’t a care in the world. PERFECT. A heartfelt thanks goes to Inspired by Eve Photography for taking the time out to photograph the event for FREE.

Perfect one minute….chaos the next!

The twins are now 6 months old and Floydy has just turned 2.

This is our opportunity to get away with our instant family and reenergize our relationship. The last two years have been busy and the last few months a blur of nights not slept and constant calls from little voices. Having 3 children under 2 and a husband who works 50-60 hour weekly shifts can take its toll on you. A holiday is just what we need, so we are off to the Sunshine Coast.

The timing of the holiday could not have been better, we have just been surprised with the news that we have been chosen to be a part of Kidspot #voicesof2015 #fordthinking challenge. Both Ross and I are elated. We travel in sophistication in the new, 7 seater Ford Everest Titanium. The weather is perfect, the scenery even better and our days are filled with morning walks, coffees, croissants and beach plays. We visit the Australia Zoo, Underwater World and now we’re off to the Ginger Factory.

The Morley Family can be calm and blissful one minute and utter chaos the next. Our morning out together has been awesome. We are on our way home when we realise that we are a little late with feeding the twins and they both need a bottle. They’d been fed once so their bottles need to be refilled with fresh warm water. This is not readily available, so we agree that we will go to the supermarket to get some food for them. We can then find a nearby park and all have lunch.

Ross pulls into the undercover supermarket car park and I run into the shops, knowing that the calm balance I left behind now sat precariously in the hands of 4 volatile, balled little fists. By the time I return, a mere 8 minutes later, 3 children are screaming bloody murder, as if they haven’t eaten in months. Floydy is now also in a ravenous rage and in the front seat with Ross. Seconds later, all five of us are sharing these same seats in a feeding frenzy of flying food.

It is chaos and the next minute Ross and I crack under the pressure and begin arguing about the best method to juggle them all. I have two babies covered in a thick paste of puree, which has now spread all over me. But at least they’re not screaming anymore. We just start to get them calm and we hear a knock at the window of the car….

“Nice car!” We hear, as Ross opens the window. Before we know it, a fifty something man in the parking lot is asking in surprise, how we came to be driving the new Everest, considering it has just come off the boat. He proceeds to ask Ross every question under the sun. He enquires about the new ‘adaptive cruise control’, which slows you down automatically while driving (if another vehicle comes too close) and goes on to elaborate (in depth) about the other safety features he has read about. He clearly knows his cars and really wants to talk shop with Ross. Right now.

Meanwhile I’m staring at this man, with Cleo still squirming and wailing periodically, Ross has Harry and Floydy on his lap (also wailing) and this guy at the window wants Ross to get out and kick the tyres with him. Does this gentleman not see our 3 children on our laps crying for food? Does he not notice that we are busy…that we have a lot going on? Ross is being so polite, answering his many (many) questions and finally he seems happy and off he goes, on his merry way.

This moment is one Ross and I will laugh about (in fact, I’m laughing right now) because it is so typical of our family. One minute it’s chaos and the next it’s all okay….the kids are cleaned up and we’re heading home with only a few scars. It wouldn’t be a holiday without a good story!

Our twin birth story ~ a natural delivery and a caesarean 

Ross and I had been together for three years and married for one when our first child Floyd was born. I’d had
 a normal pregnancy, but my waters broke at 37 weeks and after 34 hours in the hospital I was prepped for an emergency C-section before they were finally able to help him out with forceps, which left me mentally scarred. But the biggest shock came when, aged five months, our gorgeous little baby was diagnosed with achondroplasia (dwarfism), a rare genetic condition.
The diagnosis took us completely by surprise. But our feelings of love overcame the initial shock and, 10 months later, we decided to try for a brother or sister for our Floydy.
What followed was another surprise and again not in our family history: the 12-week scan showed I was pregnant with twins. Our family of three would soon become a family 
of five, Floydy would have two siblings and 
Ross and I would be parents to a toddler 
and twins, all aged under two. 

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Floyd Henry Morley is a big brother

When Floydy first stomped into my hospital room after I’d given birth to our twins, it had been three days since I had last seen my amazing little man. 

It’s strange to think that in even this short time I could miss someone so much. Big I did. 

He looked at me, then at his newborn siblings, Harry and Cleo in the crib beside me and immediately radiated a big, gorgeous smile that brimmed with both cheekiness and amazement.

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