Our twin birth story ~ a natural delivery and a caesarean 

Ross and I had been together for three years and married for one when our first child Floyd was born. I’d had
 a normal pregnancy, but my waters broke at 37 weeks and after 34 hours in the hospital I was prepped for an emergency C-section before they were finally able to help him out with forceps, which left me mentally scarred. But the biggest shock came when, aged five months, our gorgeous little baby was diagnosed with achondroplasia (dwarfism), a rare genetic condition.
The diagnosis took us completely by surprise. But our feelings of love overcame the initial shock and, 10 months later, we decided to try for a brother or sister for our Floydy.
What followed was another surprise and again not in our family history: the 12-week scan showed I was pregnant with twins. Our family of three would soon become a family 
of five, Floydy would have two siblings and 
Ross and I would be parents to a toddler 
and twins, all aged under two. 

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Floyd Henry Morley is a big brother

When Floydy first stomped into my hospital room after I’d given birth to our twins, it had been three days since I had last seen my amazing little man. 

It’s strange to think that in even this short time I could miss someone so much. Big I did. 

He looked at me, then at his newborn siblings, Harry and Cleo in the crib beside me and immediately radiated a big, gorgeous smile that brimmed with both cheekiness and amazement.

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